Feminism for All hosts ‘pay what you make’ bake sale


Katarina Rothhorn/NW

PAY WHAT YOU MAKE – Feminism For All members sell homemade and store bought goodies. They have gluten free and vegan options.

Dreyma Beronja

Today from 11:00 am to 3:00 p.m. across from Starbucks in Jamrich, Feminism for All will be hosting the ‘Wage Gap Bake Sale‘ to raise awareness on pay equity in the workforce.

“We are so excited to be able to share this event with the NMU community for another year in order to educate our student body and empower them to work for changes in pay equity,” Feminism for All co-president Ali Deutsch said.

According to the interactive gender pay gap map on the United States Census Bureau website, the earnings showed the comparison between median earnings for men and women who worked full-time year-round in the past twelve months. For Michigan, men made $53,435 and women made $41,560 leaving an $11,875 gap between the two.

Those who stop by the wage gap bake sale today will pay based on what they make compared to the ‘white man’s dollar’. For instance, white men pay $1 for each baked good but asian men and women only have to pay 90 cents.

For more information on Feminism for All and more resources on gender pay gap, follow them on their Instagram at feminism4allnmu.