Beautiful Bodies: discussion on fat liberation and body positivity

Madoline Plattenberg

Feminism for All, Diversity and Disability and the Student Equity and Engagement Center (SEEC) hosted a two-part workshop series diving into loving ourselves, the history of fat liberation and body positivity movements yesterday from 6 to 8 p.m. and will have another session Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. in Jamrich 2319.

Sarah Pilto, co-president of Feminism for All, said the types of conversations that will be had surround fatphobia and a deeper dive into what fatphobia does to individuals and the fat experience.

“I think having these conversations is super important because fat people and people exist in all shapes and sizes,” Pilto said.

The first workshop, “Fat Liberation 101,” covered identity, autonomy and joy. The second workshop, “Does This Workshop Make Me Look Fat?” will cover fat language, rhetoric and power, Pilto said.

“Often it’s something that isn’t talked about very often due to a variety of oppressive systems and by creating a space where we can openly discuss those systems and how they have affected us, we are able to move forward and dismantle the system,” Pilto said.

At the first workshop, Stefani Vargas, coordinator of the SEEC, discussed mainstream culture and how it has defined thin and small as beautiful and healthy and how we can become more body positive. Knoblauch, from Kansas State University, will be speaking at the second workshop touching on being fat in a system that demonizes plus-sized bodies, Pilto said.

“I would encourage them to attend these workshops to … find a community that has been lacking in their life. If they don’t have anyone in their life that can sympathize or empathize with what they’re going through, I highly recommend to come,” Pilto said. “Anyone who’s interested in learning more about the fat experience or is working to become a better ally.”