BSU hosts comedy show, celebrates Women’s History Month

Ryley Wilcox

The Black Student Union (BSU) is celebrating Women’s History Month by presenting a Comedy Show with Daphnique Springs. 

The show offers free admissions and is scheduled for Friday, March 24 in Jamrich Hall 1100. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. with doors opening at 7 p.m.

MarLanaysia Rosser, BSU president, encourages everyone to come out and support Springs. Springs is a stand-up comedian, actress and writer from Florida. 

“Not a lot of women are in comedy, so it’s essential to show and support Black women in comedy,” Rosser said. “ Also, she’s funny. As someone that doesn’t really watch comedy, she’s joyful to watch.”

At the show, snacks will be provided by the NMU hospitality club featuring several dishes from African cultures, including Ethiopian dabo, chin chin which originates from Nigeria, and plantain chips which are popular throughout Africa.    

“It’s everything that we stand for. We try to teach people and educate people so it aligns with our goals,” Rosser said.

The idea of having snacks at the show was brought to the BSU by the hospitality club, Rosser said.

Originally the show was scheduled as a part of BSU’s Black History Month at NMU during February, which featured a mobile museum, an alumni panel and a Black Love Day bake sale among other events celebrating Black history. The event was pushed back a month and is now going to be an event celebrating Women’s History Month.  

BSU plans to have another guest visit campus later this semester. Plans and information are still to be announced.