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The North Wind

The North Wind

OPENING DAY EXCITEMENT— Opening Day is back for another year, and deer all over the state of Michigan should be on the lookout. Photo courtesy of Garrett St. John.

Setting the sights on Opening Day

Kelby Reichard November 14, 2020

Nov. 15 marks the first day of the white-tailed deer rifle season in Michigan, and offers both students the opportunity to take to the woods amidst the chaos of COVID-19 and final exams. One such student...

Photo courtesy of Kelby Reichard 
SUGAR COMA—While touring and reviewing six of Marquettes sweetest local bakeries, student Kelby Reichard encountered crispy rolls, traditional pastries and sugar galore.

Opinion—I toured local bakeries for a sugar coma

Kelby Reichard November 12, 2020
Among the many hidden treasures in the city of Marquette include businesses for those with a sweet tooth. There are half a dozen bakeries available to NMU students to provide plenty of opportunities to satisfy any craving. Each business has both a unique variety of products, as well as individual atmospheres that shape each bakeries’ identity.
Photo courtesy of Kelby Reichard
SKI SEASON- Marquette mountain will be ready for winter sports enthusiasts at the end of the month.

Marquette Mountain prepares to open amid pandemic

Kelby Reichard November 5, 2020

Despite the many challenges that come with operating a recreational business during the age of COVID-19, Marquette Mountain is preparing to open to the public on Nov. 27. “It’s complicated, but...

FISHING IN THE YOOP— Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, theres opportunities to get outside and do some fishing while maintaining social distancing. Photo courtesy of Kelby Reichard.

Catching a break during the pandemic

Kelby Reichard October 29, 2020

While it may seem complicated for those with no previous experience, fishing offers students a way to connect with the outdoors and remain socially distant during the pandemic. The age of COVID-19...

Marquette recreational businesses remain open despite pandemic

Marquette recreational businesses remain open despite pandemic

Kelby Reichard October 7, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to alter society, many Marquette businesses have been able to adapt in order to remain open to students and the general public. Many indoor recreation businesses have had to rethink...

ASNMU Constitutional Convention

ASNMU forms redefining ‘constitutional convention’

Kelby Reichard September 18, 2020

ASNMU, NMU’s student body government, has charged the creation of a Constitutional Convention committee to discuss rewriting the organization’s constitution to make it more applicable to the structure...

Photo courtesy of Kelby Reichard.

Drop-in fitness classes take hybrid approach

Kelby Reichard August 31, 2020

NMU students made their way past Magers Hall Wednesday evening with looks of intrigue, as a few people had gathered in the lawn and were maneuvering their bodies in rather unique ways. The group was part...

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