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MAKING KIMCHI—Kimchi is easy to make, nutritious and full of beneficial bacteria which can help your gut. Try making it; your health might thank you!

Opinion—Kimchi: my flavor of the month

Maggie Duly, Social Media Editor November 10, 2021
Recently, I’ve been obsessed with this one recipe that may or may not be very nutritious. I call it college ramen but I try to make it chic. Yeah, okay, the base of this dish is everyone’s favorite: Maruchan Ramen. What really brings this dish home is the toppings. Kimchi is a staple food in Korean cuisine and it is the real star of my daily dinner. It’s a traditional side dish of fermented vegetables, most often napa cabbage.
FALL SNACK-Now that our gardens are producing more than we could ever eat, its time to get creative with snack recipes.

Cooking with Maggie: Healthy harvesting hacks

Maggie Duly, Social Media Editor September 20, 2021
It’s just about harvest season in Northern Michigan. Soon the nights will get too cold for open windows and the leaves will crunch under our feet. Perhaps this year you finally lived out your fantasy of having a lush summer garden full of fresh veggies and herbs. But now comes the overwhelming act of harvesting all your fresh goodies, and oh dear, there’s quite a lot.
Maggie Duly/NW
JUST ONE SLICE—Campus lecture-style rooms have been cut down to less than half their original capacity to follow the proper safety standards, like this space in McClintock Hall. Many rooms in this hall were not labeled for their capacity unlike other buildings on campus. Though students are properly spaced out in the lecture hall, there is no plexiglass for students except in front of the professors desk, unlike what is advertised on NMU’s Safe on Campus webpage.

Opinion—Plexiglas safety on campus not as advertised

Maggie Duly April 20, 2021
Things have not gone back to the way they were before the pandemic began, yet some students feel they must attend class on campus every day of the week. One solution to this was the installation of Plexiglas in the classrooms before students were welcomed back to campus in the fall. But I’ve noticed one flaw to this “solution.” Many university classrooms don’t actually have Plexiglas for all the students as advertised.
blank journal

Opinion—Live in the present, that’s what I tell myself

Maggie Duly March 24, 2021
I bought a journal three weeks ago. Cognitive behavioral therapists often recommend journaling to help improve your mood by self identified problem solving. I haven't written in it yet. I’m not much of a handwritten person, I prefer typing and making to-do lists and notes on my phone and computer. But I also struggle with anxiety, which isn’t something I hide, in fact, I'm sure many people can tell after a few times meeting me. I don’t mind acknowledging it, it’s better than hiding it.
31 bucks

Opinion—If I had $31

Maggie Duly March 1, 2021
Once NMU provides me the $31 total COVID-19 support grant, I'll be super grateful to have some fresh money in my bank account to support my impulse spending habit. I often walk through stores and look at all the things I’d love to have but can’t afford, thinking to myself ... if only I had $31 burning a hole in my pocket. What I could do with $31.
eating meat

Opinion—You are what you eat

Maggie Duly January 21, 2021
Whether it is a “fad” or not, I think it’s time for us to thoroughly ask ourselves to consider if we can do more for our environment by way of our diet. For example, implementing vegan/vegetarian meals into our weekly diets as an alternative to giving up meat and dairy altogether.

Cooking with Maggie—Homemade baked apple cider donuts

Maggie Duly November 3, 2020
When I think of fall, I think of apple cider, donuts, pumpkins and romping around my favorite cider mill. Unfortunately, as many of you may know there are no cider mills near or around Marquette, and I’m still failing to find one in the whole U.P.
spaghetti squash bowls

Cooking with Maggie: Preparing spaghetti squash bowls

Maggie Duly October 12, 2020
Scrap the pasta noodles and the ceramic bowls, this dish has everything all wrapped up in one vegetable. Spaghetti squash is a seasonal vegetable that is most popular and accessible in the fall months. The squash family is versatile and can be either the heart of or a side to many recipes.
cookies lit by candles

Cooking with Maggie: Fun, festive fall fare

Maggie Duly September 21, 2020
As the temperature begins to drop and the leaves start to sport their crimson, it’s evident that fall will be knocking on your door for it’s brief stay. Autumn is by far the best time of year for candle scents, scenic hikes, spontaneous road trips and tasty treats.
Scientific diagram of the human body illustrated by Emilee Covers.

Graduate thesis explores poetry and human body

Maggie Duly April 22, 2020

 Inspiration comes from all around. It’s a fickle creature that tends to sneak up and overcome you in one foul swoop. As the semester comes to an end, the culmination of final projects often provides...

Brothel Law: fact or fiction?

Brothel Law: fact or fiction?

Maggie Duly April 15, 2020

Every so often it seems the rumor mill starts running, especially in college towns, about a so-called brothel law; a law that classifies five or more unrelated women living in a house as a brothel and...

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