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Photo courtesy of Robert Hanson

Connections over controversy: criminal justice department and BSU team up to add BLM flag to display

Katarina Rothhorn April 21, 2021
BSU and CJA met to discuss the 'Thin Blue Line' flag placed in the CJ department office and left out a new door towards a better understanding for each other.
Photo courtesy of Ali Davis instagram
AWAKE ART—One of Davis multiple pieces of art being displayed at Contrast Coffee. The artwork will be on display through March.

Contrast Coffee displays student’s social justice focused artwork

Peter Smedley February 25, 2021

The summer of last year saw a rise in social justice advocacy. Headed by protests from the Black Lives Matter movement, it was a time centralized around accountability and truth. Many students were inspired...


Opinion—#BLM, we’re not off the hook

Akasha Khalsa February 16, 2021
Black Lives Matter protests, police reform, and related discussions received a lot of media attention in the summer of 2020, but now the furor has left the news cycle. That does not mean we are free of our responsibility to enact change.
Black Lives Matter protesters marching

Opinion—Just because it doesn’t affect you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care

Travis Nelson October 5, 2020
It is human nature for us to ignore outside problems, because they simply don't affect us directly. If a situation doesn’t involve us, it’s hard to care, and that’s the reality of our society. However, the instance of Black Lives Matter can’t be one of those times where you don’t care. It’s selfish to think otherwise.
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