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MOVING FORWARD—The ratification vote  over the proposed contract held on Tuesday resulted in a down vote against the contract at a 137 to 92.

NMU-AAUP votes no on proposed contract

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor September 30, 2021

Northern Michigan University's faculty union, NMU-AAUP, has voted no on the proposed contract at a 137 to 92. The ratification vote took place yesterday from 4-6 p.m. in Jamrich room 1100. The vote...

SHOWING SUPPORT—Most years students can see greens and golds fill the city of Marquette, to display their NMU support. This year, students saw the town flood with red as signs saying support NMU faculty were displayed in windows, front yards and even in their cars.

Students show solidarity with tentative faculty contract agreement

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor September 9, 2021

Northern Michigan University faculty have now reached a tentative agreement with the administration on a new five-year contract. The announcement was made Saturday evening through an email sent by President...

YES OR NO—NMU-AAUP union members casted their votes on Thursday to decide whether or not the executive committee would be able to call a strike. Results came Saturday with an overwhelming favor of giving the committee permission to call for a strike at 183 to 35.

NMU-AAUP votes yes for strike authorization

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor September 4, 2021

Results from NMU-AAUP's strike authorization vote show that union members who cast ballots overwhelmingly voted yes with a 183 to 35 in favor of the executive committee to call a strike if necessary. AAUP...

Photo courtesy of Dwight Brady
TAKING A VOTE—With contract negotiation mediations entering its second month, NMU-AAUP now are holding a strike authorization vote to decide whether or not they are able to go on strike.

NMU-AAUP hold strike authorization vote

Dreyma Beronja & Justin Van't Hof, News Editor, Editor-in-Chief September 3, 2021

NMU-AAUP met Thursday evening to discuss the possibility of going on strike. The strike authorization vote was the topic of discussion during the regularly scheduled meeting as part of the ongoing...

CONTRACT MEDIATION—The faculty union at NMU, NMU-AAUP, are still working without a contract. Recently the union responded to a clarification email sent out by President Fritz Erickson.

NMU-AAUP responds to clarification email from President Erickson

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor September 3, 2021

Those who are registered to receive emails from [email protected] would have received an email on Aug. 26 regarding the NMU-AAUP faculty contract mediation. The email was sent from the office of President...

Editorial—We stand behind faculty on contract dispute

Editorial—We stand behind faculty on contract dispute

North Wind Staff August 31, 2021
If faculty choose to go on strike to secure a reasonable contract, NMU students must support them. We at the North Wind hope our instructors succeed in teaching administration a lesson.
Photo courtesy of Dwight Brady
LET IT GO—During the Winter 2021 semester, community members gathered to rally from Jamrich to Cohodas Hall in response to the halt on financial negotiations.

NMU faculty continue to work without contract

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor August 23, 2021
As of July 19, NMU-AAUP and NMU have been under mediation to work towards a mutually acceptable agreement for the new contract.
Sincerely, the North Wind Staff

Editorial—We support faculty-led carbon neutrality initiative

North Wind Staff January 26, 2021

Currently circulating among students and faculty is a letter addressed to President Fritz Erickson which urges NMU to commit to carbon neutrality by 2030 or 2050. The letter, as of Jan. 22, has so far...

Minds mingle over research

Minds mingle over research

Akasha Khalsa February 20, 2020

Faculty Buzz, an event aimed at integrating new faculty at the university, plans to hold a session this semester, responding to an increased demand for the networking opportunity it provides. This Spring...

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