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RESEARCH — The Department of Psychological Science accepts volunteers to participate in research studies. Signing up for a study only takes a few minutes at most, and then youre able to find a time that works for you.

Opinion — Becoming a human guinea pig for STEM

Harry Stine September 12, 2023

I, like many college students, am often strapped for cash. This has led to me thinking up creative, if stingy, ways of saving money – whether that may be letting my empty cans pile up until I take them...

31 bucks

Opinion—If I had $31

Maggie Duly March 1, 2021
Once NMU provides me the $31 total COVID-19 support grant, I'll be super grateful to have some fresh money in my bank account to support my impulse spending habit. I often walk through stores and look at all the things I’d love to have but can’t afford, thinking to myself ... if only I had $31 burning a hole in my pocket. What I could do with $31.
MONEY TALKS—Author Diedre McCloskey advertises for her newest book, titled, “Why Liberalism Works” before her discussion and Q&A session. Denali Drake/NW

Liberalism Talk

Denali Drake October 31, 2019

Is it really better to be rich? Author, economics professor and transgender advocate Diedre McCloskey spoke upon her newest book, “Why Liberalism Works” and why it is indeed good to be among the wealthy. The...


Hey NCAA, accept new era of college athletics

Travis Nelson October 3, 2019

In 2023, the makeup of what we know today in NCAA Division I athletics is going to change forever. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is trying to stop it, but instead, they just need...

Students paying for school on own strive for a balance

Sam Banks February 21, 2013

For students who have little or no help from parents, scholarships or other funds that would otherwise assist in getting them through school, loans and full-time jobs become some of the only options for...

Students get ready for April tax-filing deadline

Amanda Monthei February 14, 2013

With the IRS tax filing deadline looming on Monday, April 15, NMU students are searching for ways to file their taxes from the past year that is both easy on a student budget and compatible with a college...

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