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IMPORTANT POINTS — Helen Bienek, president of Spooner Hall, discusses points to propose to NLD faculty.

Conversations to improve NMU Dining

Amelia Kashian September 29, 2023

Since many Northern Michigan University residents live off of their dining plans and eat three meals a day in one place, it’s important for them to get the best out of their food. NMU's dining services...

OUTRAGE — NMU Barstool posted this photo to its Instagram story on Sept. 11, 2023.

Opinion — NLD must apologize for serving “sausage bomber” sandwich on 9/11

Molly Birch September 12, 2023

Monday was the 22nd anniversary of the terrorist attacks that took place across the nation on Sept. 11, 2001. It is recognized in the state of Michigan as Patriot Day, and the United States as a whole...

HERITAGE — Shelby Boggs, Sophia Panek and Riley Diehlman (left to right) greet students as they enter the dining hall for the week of Indigenous Eats at Northern Lights Dining. The Native American Student Association is partnering with the dining hall to raise awareness about Indigenous foods and culture for Native American Heritage Month.

NASA brings indigenous foods to Northern Lights Dining

Andie Balenger November 1, 2022

The Native American Student Association (NASA) is hosting a decolonized food takeover at Northern Lights Dining (NLD) this week. Both the Global and Parsnip stations in the dining hall will be featuring...

YUM!—Served on Thursday, Nov. 18 2021 at Northern Lights Dining, this breaded chicken was presented with carrots and celery.

Satire—The last supper: A farewell to NLD

Akasha Khalsa, Opinion Editor March 22, 2022
And now, oh NLD, we are nearing our final farewell. Our final days together have come. Don’t mourn our time together, don’t cry. For although you may miss my gold dining plan, I shall not.

Opinion—Recycling and sustainability in a pandemic

Katarina Rothhorn February 4, 2021
This pandemic has incited a plethora of changes to our daily lives and habits, including the most obvious inclusion of physical distancing and mask wearing in public spaces. However, a less conspicuous, but equally as important impact of COVID-19 is the increased waste produced from take-out and sanitary packaging of food.
OUTRAGE —  Northern Michigan University student body awaits the NLD’s apology. (FILE PHOTO)

Behind the scenes: Northern Lights Dining

Maggie Duly September 19, 2019

University students have the luxury of walking through a building or across the quad when they’re ready for a meal. Granny swipes their ID cards and then they’re presented with several carefully crafted...

A rendering of Northern Lights Dining demonstrates the look and features of the new dining facility, projected to open by Sept. 17. Formerly “The Marketplace,” the construction and opening of the new dining center has faced multiple setbacks due to delayed delivery of materials and equipment.  
Photo courtesy of NMU Dining

Dining facility construction faces delays

Jackie Jahfetson September 6, 2018

After a delay in its construction, the new Northern Lights Dining facility has made accommodations to operate with a buffet-style dining, and is now slated for completion by Sept. 17. The “extensive...

New dining hall disappoints

New dining hall disappoints

Amy Kase September 5, 2018

During homecoming weekend, Northern is scheduled to open their newly renovated dining hall, Northern Lights Dining. The renovation of the area cost the university a hefty $5.8 million. Meanwhile, many...

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