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COVID-19 cases are low at NMU at the beginning of the 2022 fall semester - graphic

Editorial — The pandemic is not over

North Wind Editorial Board September 28, 2022

During a recent 60 Minutes interview, President Joe Biden stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has come to an end. “We still have a problem with COVID. We are still doing a lot of work on it. But the...

COVID questions

COVID questions

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor February 26, 2022
While getting COVID-19 does generate some immunity, Sharp advises against relying on a previous infection for future immunity. Being infected with COVID-19 and getting vaccinated are not the same thing.  “If you get infected with the virus, the virus has, as part of its biology, ways to suppress your immune system,” Sharp said. “Yes, you will generate antibodies so that you can defeat the virus and survive, but some of those factors that the virus has may have effects that diminish the ability to have long lasting immunity.”
Editorial—We stand behind faculty on contract dispute

Editorial—We stand behind faculty on contract dispute

North Wind Staff August 31, 2021
If faculty choose to go on strike to secure a reasonable contract, NMU students must support them. We at the North Wind hope our instructors succeed in teaching administration a lesson.
time passing

Editorial—A year into COVID-19, so much has changed

North Wind Staff March 25, 2021
Since the pandemic began causing changes in our lives a year ago, much has been lost, and much has been altered.
Sam Rush/NW

The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic: history repeats itself

Rayna Sherbinow February 1, 2021

As NMU enters the third week of the winter semester and approaches one year of dealing with the pandemic, certain sights once considered alien is now familiar. Face masks, social distancing and distance...

staying social

Opinion—Stay connected in this cold pandemic

Katarina Rothhorn January 28, 2021
It is only the second week of classes and I can already feel the winter blues starting to sink in. Being a student is a normally stressful time for most people, but on top of classes, we are living through a pandemic where physical distancing and online everything is our new normal. Just to make things worse, the sky feels perpetually gray and the cold wind makes it tempting to stay indoors.
Donald Trump waving

Opinion—Infected with COVID-19, Trump’s recent comments display his ignorance

Ruby Simoneau October 21, 2020
The only thing more fear-inducing than a global pandemic is an infected president unfazed by the death toll. More than 210,000 American citizens are now dead from COVID-19, which does not come as a surprise when the president is Donald Trump. One would expect, or hope, that after being infected himself, he’d change his approach towards handling the pandemic. This has not been the case.
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