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STRONG WORDS — Dr. Carter Wilson reads from a book discussing critical race theory at his speech on the subject.

Discussing critical race theory with Political Science Professor Dr. Carter Wilson

Amelia Kashian February 29, 2024

Walking into a Jamrich classroom on Tuesday evening, people saw Department Head and Professor of Political Science Dr. Carter Wilson standing up front with two questions written on the whiteboard behind...

UTOPIAN SOCIETY  — The Twin Oaks Intentional Community, a stretch of land I plan to escape too if my career flops. Twin Oaks has been in operation since 1967.

Satire — My Backup Plan: Joining the Twin Oaks planned community

Harry Stine October 17, 2023

Real quick, a few things about me. I’m in my last semester at NMU. I major in multimedia journalism, I minor in multimedia production and political science, and I work two jobs. Last week I worked nearly...

TALKING IT OUT — Politics are probably one of the trickiest topics out there. Remembering to keep your cool is the easiest way to prevent things from getting heated. Joleigh Martinez/NW

Editorial — Staying friendly when discussing politics

North Wind Editorial Staff September 21, 2023

If you’ve ever taken a political science class, you’d know that it’s only a matter of time before conversations start getting heated around certain topics. It happens to all of us, and you’ve seen...

SCHEDULING — A shortage of faculty members in NMU’s political science department has been affecting the availability of courses for students within the major, especially those with a concentration in public administration.

Shortage of staff in political science department affects students

Abigail Faix, Contributing Writer April 21, 2023

Last month, class registration opened for Northern Michigan University students for the upcoming fall semester. A process that can induce a lot of stress for some students, there have been concerns about...

Opinion — Equality and equity: What’s the difference?

Opinion — Equality and equity: What’s the difference?

Andie Balenger March 16, 2023

As a political science student at NMU, I have had just about every convoluted vocabulary term in my realm of study thrown at me. From utilitarianism to nihilism, trickle-down economics to political realism,...

PROFILE — Morgan Waller was elected Vice President of Cook County Public Schools, which she described as a full circle moment in relation to her time at Northern. Waller graduated Northern with a Bachelors in Public Relations in 2016 and again with a Masters in Public Administration in 2018.

PROFILE – Morgan Waller Discusses How Northern Helped Lead Her To Her Future Career

Harry Stine February 8, 2023

If there is anyone you could truly call a jack of all trades, it might just be NMU alum Morgan Waller. Morgan Waller graduated from Northern twice, once in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in public...

Satire — Political science department unveils trailblazing and emotionally distressing class

Satire — Political science department unveils trailblazing and emotionally distressing class

Harry Stine November 8, 2022

Gorbert Brandon from the political science department at NMU introduced a new class in a public forum last week for the winter semester.  “I’m very excited about this,” Brandon said. “I spent...

Courses next semester teach anti-racism, decolonization, human rights

Courses next semester teach anti-racism, decolonization, human rights

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor October 29, 2021

As course registration for the Winter 2022 semester opens up Oct. 29 through Nov. 5, students are looking at prospective classes that will not only fulfill the requirements for their major, but will broaden...

Foreign policy expert to speak on ‘Afghanistan in Ruins’

Foreign policy expert to speak on ‘Afghanistan in Ruins’

Akasha Khalsa, Opinion Editor September 16, 2021
Following the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan and the U.S. withdrawal there, a great deal of energy has been devoted to understanding what happened and why. For those who would like to explore complexities and understand this situation more fully, there will be a virtual academic lecture titled “Afghanistan in Ruins.”
storming the Capitol

Panel of profs to speak on assault of the Capitol

Akasha Khalsa April 8, 2021
The nation was shaken to the core during the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 by protestors who contested the election of President Joe Biden over Donald Trump. In response, a little over four months after the Capitol was assaulted, NMU professors will take on the topic in a panel discussion.
A summer resolving conflict in Europe

A summer resolving conflict in Europe

Denali Drake August 29, 2019

I am a senior majoring in international political science, minoring in English, and spent two months this summer studying abroad with Boston University. There are nine students that were accepted into...

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