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ABSOLUTELY IRRITATING - Gordon Mullen is best known for interrupting people to start some weird argument. He often follows up with multiple reactionary viewpoints before declaring he won the conversation.

Satire — Guy who enjoys arguing hypotheticals voted worst person on campus

Harry Stine October 10, 2023

Student Gordon Mullen was recently voted the most unlikeable person on campus, as determined by a unanimous vote by the entire student body, a total of about 7,000 students. Mullen is best known for his...

time passing

Daylight Saving Time: The good, the bad and the ugly

Abigail Faix, Contributing writer March 23, 2023

Daylight saving time (DST) begins again. With the time recently changing on March 12 at 2 a.m., the practice of turning the clocks back and forth continues to be heavily debated in our country with questions...

Editorial — George Santos: A lesson in truth telling

Editorial — George Santos: A lesson in truth telling

North Wind Editorial Board February 9, 2023

Just over a week ago, George Santos, a Republican from New York recently elected to the United States House of Representatives, recused himself from having a seat on any congressional committees for his...

Satire — Political science department unveils trailblazing and emotionally distressing class

Satire — Political science department unveils trailblazing and emotionally distressing class

Harry Stine November 8, 2022

Gorbert Brandon from the political science department at NMU introduced a new class in a public forum last week for the winter semester.  “I’m very excited about this,” Brandon said. “I spent...

Editorial—Ketanji Brown Jackson subjected to unreasonable treatment in confirmation

Editorial—Ketanji Brown Jackson subjected to unreasonable treatment in confirmation

North Wind Staff April 6, 2022
Jackson, if confirmed, will be the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court. During Jackson’s confirmation hearings, many partisan issues were dragged to the fore.
NMU College Democrats holds reconciliation information panel

NMU College Democrats holds reconciliation information panel

Joad Blaauw-Hara, Contributing Writer October 22, 2021
NMU's College Democrats held a reconciliation information panel on Wednesday to help educate students on how the bill affects students and young people.
storming the Capitol

Panel of profs to speak on assault of the Capitol

Akasha Khalsa April 8, 2021
The nation was shaken to the core during the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 by protestors who contested the election of President Joe Biden over Donald Trump. In response, a little over four months after the Capitol was assaulted, NMU professors will take on the topic in a panel discussion.
thin blue line

Letter to the Editor—The thin blue line: A symbol of pride, not hate

Karen Bahrman March 4, 2021
A recent opinion piece urged readers not to display the Thin Blue Line flag because its originator was allegedly a racist, it has been co-opted by groups who are undoubtedly racist and it fosters an “us-them” mentality as between law-abiding citizens and criminals, i.e., one that fails to include criminals in society, with race being the supposed criteria for criminal status.
do not cross

Editorial—What’s up with blocking our new BOT member?

North Wind Staff March 4, 2021
What is normally a routine procedure of accepting governor appointments to these varied positions has become a platform for polarized political games. This hurts the people directly impacted by the lack of representation in these government positions (us, the students).
Donald Trump

Editorial—Impeachment results no surprise, point to dire problems

North Wind Staff February 24, 2021
We sat back, swallowed our frustration and disappointment, even after having watched in horror as the Capitol was stormed. After all, that’s just how things work.

Opinion—Listen to the other side

Sam Rush February 18, 2021
Like many, I grew up in a politically divided family. Although it has admittedly led to our fair share of arguments at the dinner table throughout the years, good things have come out of our disagreements. It has undoubtedly taught me an important lesson: tolerance.
thin blue line

Opinion—The thin blue line flag, a problematic symbol

Lucas Beck February 9, 2021
Displaying the Thin Blue Line Flag as a means of showing support for the police is under increased scrutiny due to the flag’s adoption by white supremacist groups, like those involved in the violent insurrection at the capitol on January 6, and the related use of the flag as a statement of opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement.
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