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The North Wind

Support student government

Alex Nye November 15, 2012

Dear editor, It has been a week since the Presidential Election was secured by Barack Obama, an election that has left a bitter taste in nearly half the country’s mouths. Many Republican friends...

Voice opinion, write letter to editor

NW Staff October 25, 2012

Our staff challenges the students of Northern Michigan University to voice their opinions, to express dissent and to make themselves heard. By writing a letter to the editor, you are providing your perspective...

Harmony and minimalism ‘Coexist’ on sophmore album

Jordan Beck September 20, 2012

Fun fact: At no point in the lyrics of its 11 songs does “Coexist,” the new album by London-based group The xx include a single proper noun. That’s not to say there are no nouns whatsoever;...

Minus the Bear returns with cohesive fifth album

Barry Winslow September 13, 2012

Minus the Bear is back, and in solid fashion. The five-piece Seattle rock band, known for their spacey electronic rock riffs, complex time signatures and sprawling guitar loops, recently released...

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