Support student government

Alex Nye

Dear editor,

It has been a week since the Presidential Election was secured by Barack Obama, an election that has left a bitter taste in nearly half the country’s mouths.

Many Republican friends of mine, however, will continue to show their support for our president, a president that will continue to lead this country through difficult times.

Yes, Mitt Romney didn’t win, but that no longer matters to them.

If this country is going to succeed, we all need to come together as one because a country divided will continue to accomplish nothing.

This left me thinking about our community here at NMU and how it views our student government president.

Ben Stanley was elected by us, the students here on campus, and even though a lot of people didn’t want him as our student body representative, a lot of us did.

Yes, Ben has done some things in the past that ASNMU isn’t fond of, but he also has really done some great things.

He is a visible president who is always around campus.

He loves this community and wants to see ASNMU do great things for it.

He has been an avid supporter of the bike share program and the Wildcat Market, two programs that he has been pushing for, trying hard to enrich campus life for students.

Ben may not be a traditional student president, but then again, our school isn’t a traditional school either.

Not many universities in this country can brag like we can about the majestic Lake Superior or the rich Upper Peninsula forests: we are truly unique.

That is why we need to give Stanley a chance to do great things instead of getting rid of him.

A campus divided, a community divided or a student body divided will hurt us more than ever.

If we do not come together as a whole, then we will not be able to achieve what we are fully capable of.

It disheartens me to hear people talk poorly about the President of the United States and it also hurts when people talk badly about Ben Stanley.

Even our student government is holding an event to encourage students to come out and get their government back. Our government has always been here and still is here for students.

The only thing holding us all back is a campus divided. I suggest we toss the Articles of Impeachment out and all move on with our lives, to help Northern succeed as we go forward.

I love this school and country, but I am concerned for the success of both.

-Alex Nye
Senior, Writing Major