Voice opinion, write letter to editor

NW Staff

Our staff challenges the students of Northern Michigan University to voice their opinions, to express dissent and to make themselves heard. By writing a letter to the editor, you are providing your perspective on current events and giving other students an opportunity to respond.

The North Wind wants to hear what students think about current events on campus. As of late, our staff has only received one letter to the editor. This is much lower than usual.

There is an absence of conversation about the news on campus, and it is the students who can start a discussion right here in the pages of the North Wind.

The students of NMU have a lot of valuable things to say, and the North Wind staff knows this. Students should take the time to write out their thoughts and submit them.

If you don’t write a letter, then it can be assumed you take no stance on any issue. Feeling strongly about something is one thing, but doing something about it, such as writing a letter to the editor, is another.

Students should be more engaged in current events here at NMU. The whole purpose of going to college is the pursuit of knowledge and the expression of ideas. A letter to the editor is a testament to students’ passion and interest in campus life.

Don’t be a passive reader. Write a letter to the editor and tell us what you think.

The North Wind’s letter to the editor policy is as follows: letters to the editor must include a full name, year, major and phone number for verification. Limit letters to 250 words or less. Letters can be mailed to The North Wind, 2310 University Center, 1401 Presque Isle Ave., Marquette, MI 49855.

Letters can also be submitted via email to [email protected], or through a website submission on www.northwindonline.com.