High heels not a helpful statement

NW Staff and NW Staff

How does having guys walk in high heels raise sexual assault awareness? The only assault these guys are going to be made aware of is the assault the heels are unleashing on their calves and feet.

How does it raise awareness of sexual assault or give someone a perspective of a sexual assault survivor? Do sex offenders select their victims by the type of shoes their next victim is wearing? The first thing people are going to think when they see men walking in heels is how funny it looks, not, “Wow, sexual assault is a big problem here at NMU.”

All the other programs going on at NMU this week are relevant to Sexual Assault Awareness Week. This “A Walk in Her Shoes” activity does nothing to raise awareness. I think it is just a ploy to make a mockery of men by a feminist organization designed to humiliate men which will not raise awareness of anything but the fact that men are wearing high heels.

Jeremiah Goin

senior, criminal justice