Fun awaits in the U.P. snow

Delaney Lovett

Welcome to the U.P. The snow has fallen at last, and it’s going to keep on keeping on until about this August.

I was a junior in high school looking at prospective colleges when Northern came into the mix in the form of a pamphlet. My mom pulled out a map and pointed to Marquette, right next to the vast Lake Superior, and warned me about the snow. I gulped before responding, “I can handle it.”

And thanks to global warming – seriously, thanks – the previous two Marquette winters have not been nearly as bad as I had expected. Being the Minnesotan girl I am, I’m used to a little chill and have the brains to bundle up. However, I’m still waiting for the rumors of waist high snow to be proven true.

If you’re not into outdoor activities and dread every snowflake, I’m probably not the first to question your decision to attend college in the U.P. Don’t lose hope; there’s something for everyone, even if you lack coordination and blood circulation.

Embrace the snow, literally. Make snow angels, go sledding, forget about classes and act like a kid. If you’re too civilized for unadulterated, childish fun, there’s still hope.

I recently attempted snowboarding and, in the end, it was an enjoyable experience. It was frustrating at first, as I spend more time on my butt than my feet.

Once I got the swing of things, I began to understand what draws people out to the hills of Marquette Mountain. With the sun setting in the distance and the sound of my board scraping across the snow, it was momentary bliss. Until I fell again, of course.

If your wallet dislikes the pricey sport (and you prefer being able to move your arms the following morning), there are inexpensive and free winter options too. At Northern, we are lucky enough to have the Outdoor Recreation Center, which is valuable for its equipment rental, among other features.

Gear for cross-country skiing and snow shoeing is available for rent at no more than $10 a day. Students also have the option of renting for the week or weekend at a reduced rate. Explore the beauty of Marquette in a brand new way; on top of the snow.

If not a single word I’ve written shows even a glimpse of a good time, I have one more suggestion. Find a couch, blankets, hot chocolate, a big window, a good book and maybe even a fireplace. Snuggle up and take in the falling flakes. If you don’t enjoy that, you don’t have a heart.

Like it or not, the snow is not going anywhere for a while, so take advantage of it instead of whining about it. And for your own sake, don’t be that kid wearing shorts and a hoodie in a Marquette blizzard.