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Dear North Wind, I thought he was different

Dear North Wind, I thought he was different

North Wind Staff September 30, 2021
Just remember: take care of yourself. Buy a fish or a beetle, sneak in a pet chipmunk. Maybe watch a good movie, drink some apple juice, cry in the shower, listen to the “Phineas and Ferb” soundtrack... whatever floats your boat. Just don’t go back to this Tinder boy. You’re worth more than that.
Dear North Wind, how do I get over my toxic ex?

Dear North Wind, how do I get over my toxic ex?

North Wind Staff September 10, 2021
We ‘broke up’ at the end of last semester, but were on and off again over the summer since we could barely go two days without talking to each other. A week ago she came to visit in person and it ended in a huge fight; we didn’t even say goodbye before she left. 
carbon neutral NMU

Open letter—NMU, commit to carbon neutrality

Ryan Stock January 22, 2021

President Fritz J. Erickson, Northern Michigan University is nationally renowned as a center of excellence in teaching and research. What began as a teaching college in 1899 has over time redefined...


President Erickson: clarifying lawsuit facts

Fritz Erickson February 20, 2019

We live in a world today that is quick to jump to conclusions, never mind the facts. This was certainly the case last week with the announcement of a lawsuit brought against Northern Michigan University...

Letters to the Editor: 11/29/12

NW Staff November 29, 2012

"Over the past two semesters, The NorthWind has been reporting the many goings on of our student-elected government, ASNMU, and the President, Ben Stanley. This relationship has been hostile at best...

Support student government

Alex Nye November 15, 2012

Dear editor, It has been a week since the Presidential Election was secured by Barack Obama, an election that has left a bitter taste in nearly half the country’s mouths. Many Republican friends...

Voice opinion, write letter to editor

NW Staff October 25, 2012

Our staff challenges the students of Northern Michigan University to voice their opinions, to express dissent and to make themselves heard. By writing a letter to the editor, you are providing your perspective...

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