WAVVES brings the sounds of the beach to Marquette

Nolan Krebs

The California-based band Wavves will bring their surf-tinged brand of punk rock to the north coast on Saturday, April 27 for a show in the Great Lakes Rooms of the University Center.

The group is being brought to campus through the student organization First Aid Productions (FAP). Wavves formed in 2008 as the recording project of musician Nathan Williams and released their fourth studio album, entitled “Afraid of Heights,” on Tuesday, March 26 via Mom + Pop Records.

According to FAP adviser Jon Barch, bringing different types of music to campus is one of the organizations main goals.

“First Aid Productions was created to bring national, regional and local alternative and indie-label music to NMU students,” Barch said. “It was started by students who were not as interested in the country and pop music typically brought by Northern Arts and Entertainment at that time.”

Junior new media and technology major Calvin Stark, who serves on the FAP executive board, said Wavves was being considered before the organization realized it was a possibility.

“A lot of the members of [FAP] already were fans of the band before they were brought up as a possibility,” Stark said. “When we were discussing which acts we wanted to bring up this semester, Wavves stood out as the right choice since they’ve been pretty popular after their album came out this year.”

The process for selecting a band starts by gathering ideas from both the student body and social media, Barch said.

Choices are narrowed down after reviewing venue and band availability and funding. The organization then holds a vote at a general membership meeting about which group to reach out to.

“Once they have a tentative agreement, [FAP members] begin working on promotion, ordering backline equipment and band hospitality needs, and I work with the university risk manager on approving the final contract,” Barch said. “On the day of the show, the students of First Aid Productions do everything from hosting the band and making announcements on stage to concert security.”

Barch said he thinks FAP has had a successful year hosting different kinds of events, including a number of smaller-scale shows around campus.

“The group has done an excellent job reinvigorating their tradition of organizations several basement shows in the residence halls,” Barch said.

However, Stark said the organization is looking forward to the challenge of hosting a bigger band in a bigger space.

“All the other concerts [FAP] has put on this year have been smaller shows,” Stark said. “For this one we’re going all out in the Great Lakes Rooms — we’re expecting a pretty big crowd.”

Stark said the response around campus has been positive.

“We put up posters a few weeks ago and a bunch of them have already been taken down by kids who want them on their wall, which is always a good sign,” Stark said. “It means people are excited about it.”

Barch said considering the lack of cover charge, students should make the effort to see FAP concerts.

“[FAP] shows are free for students, so why wouldn’t they want to check it out?” Barch said. “Plus they are always tons of fun — even if you don’t know the band before the show, you’re sure to have a rockin’ good time.”

The Wavves concert begins at 7 p.m. and costs $3 for the general public.

The Marquette band Wett Nurse and the Detroit-based group 1991 will be opening.

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