Beachy beats come to NMU

Noah Hausmann

Jangly guitar riffs, reverb and spacey, fluctuating arpeggios will provide a last sound of summer this fall as NMU welcomes indie performers Beach Fossils, Varsity and Matt Langlais to campus Saturday, Nov. 12, brought to Northern by the student group First Aid Productions.

Performing in the Explorer Room of the University Center from 7 to 10 p.m., the show’s lineup will include three groups, all upbeat with musical roots in indie pop. Houghton solo musician Langlais will open the concert, followed by Varsity, a Chicago-based indie band. Finally, the headline act will be Beach Fossils, an indie rock band from Brooklyn.

First Aid Productions typically organizes two or three big concerts on campus each semester.

“Something we try to do is bring up indie bands—bands that are up-and-coming or bands that aren’t as well-known but definitely have a cult following,” First Aid Productions President Jacob Leyba, senior media productions major, said. “We want to bring musicians to campus that students wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.”

Beach Fossils boasts a late ’70s, early ’80s post-punk surf sound, Leyba said. It’s slower-paced indie rock, loose, free-flowing and upbeat.

“Like their name suggests, they sound like summer: being outside, going to the beach, swimming,” Leyba said. “It’s definitely a unique sound.”

Leyba explained how he’s been a fan of Beach Fossils since his freshman year in high school and how he’s been suggesting since he joined the student group that First Aid bring the band to NMU.

“This is like a dream,” he remarked. “It’s super cool that it worked out. We’re all excited.”

Varsity and Langlais tend to play more clean-cut pop songs, with catchy guitar, keys, and vocal melodies, Leyba told.

First Aid expects this concert to be a popular one, Leyba said. He attributed this to their heightened promotional campaign.

“Our Facebook event has doubled the RSVPs we’ve had in the past,” he explained. “Most people I’ve talked to have at least heard of it, whether or not they’re going. We’re hoping it’ll be one of our most successful shows. A lot of hard work went into it.”

Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with the show starting at 7 p.m. and finishing by 10 p.m. Each group will perform for about an hour. The concert is free for NMU students and $5 for the public. The price goes to pay the expenses of bringing the artists to campus.

“It’s going to be awesome,” Leyba added.