Climate Change Awareness: In support of Green New Deal


North Wind Staff

Students, professors and community members marched Friday, Sept. 20 around their campuses and schools around the world to push the tension and importance of climate change awareness.

Northern specifically participated in this as well, as Rebecka Miller of College Democrats took charge in organizing the strike. The crowd was met with NMU President Fritz Erickson as well as President of ASNMU Cody Mayer.

The march was in support of the Green New Deal (GND) and green initiatives. 

Recently a popular video came about of Greta Thunberg, a Swedish climate activist, pouring her heart out onto world leaders to adjust their attention on the importance of keeping the earth a safe place to be. The 16-year-old advocate repeated, “How dare you?” in regards to the last generation expecting more from the new generation, and they will not be forgiven. 

Though dispute and controversy arose from this, Thunberg’s message and courage has been an inspiration to the world and climate activists all over. 

Some believe the idea of climate change is a hoax, but science has shown otherwise. To combat its growing epidemic, it’s important to continue talking about it. This is our planet, the only livable planet. We only have so many years to make a difference before it falls into the next generation. It’s up to us to make the first steps. 

These steps can be as little and simple contributions as riding a bike to school instead of driving. Throwing away your trash where it belongs instead of leaving it behind on the streets. Use reusable straws and cups. If you’re not sure and still questioning how you can help, these are little things that make a huge difference. It will take more participation and turn talks into reality.

Let the constant talk and strikes annoy you; it’s not going away. Taking care of this planet has been put off for too long, and it may not be too late to turn things around if more see what’s happening and choose to participate. 

The marchers will march on. The protesters will protest. The activists will continue to speak out regardless of being shut down.