Government funding: Are students getting the short end of the stick?


North Wind Staff

The COVID-19 outbreak has disoriented many aspects of normal life, and for student workers in particular. Many college students are left wondering if they qualify for unemployment.
There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with growing up and learning the process of time management and self-discipline, especially now that classes are online. But students are laid off from their jobs just the same as the average American.
Of course it’s not just evident here at NMU; this is happening to students all over the country. There’s rent to pay for those off-campus, meals to buy outside of campus, tuition bills to pay and interest payments from loans. There are still a few things, pointed out in many petitions, that NMU still owes students in refunds (like Dining Dollars and Student Recreation fees), even after an amount of $820 was approved by the Board of Trustees.
This is a good time to see that college students may be getting the short end of the stick from the virus. There needs to be a more coherent response to this crisis for those in the 18-24 age range. Many are still claimed as dependents and not covered by the stimulus checks passed by the government, which was simply a first step in finding a solution for Americans economically.
The good news is that students can find more information about this at
This is a tough time for everyone, but as students in particular, we can’t help but question if the recent stimulus check was an oversight on the government’s part. Are students and other vulnerable Americans left uncovered? What does that mean for the future, even if things go back to the way they were? What would that look like anyway?
Perhaps these checks are a bit like putting a Band Aid over a gushing crack in a dam.
The university, via their COVID-19 webpage, suggests that if you’re a student unsure of where you fall in this case to reach out to your supervisor about employment if your student job is in question. You can also check out Career Services on Handshake to see if there are any openings from students who have decided to head home.