NMU Health Center reminds students to stay safe during flu season

Joad Blaauw-Hara, Contributing Writer

Flu season is here and the NMU Health Center is here to help. Amidst the pandemic, Christopher Kirkpatrick, Health Center medical director, reminds students how to stay safe during the flu and cold season. 

In order to stay safe and prevent themselves from catching a cold or the flu, Kirkpatrick said that students should utilize many tools that have already been used in order to stay safe from COVID.

“Frequent hand washing, masks and good nutrition will help limit the potential risk of the flu,” Kirkpatrick said.

For those who are able to, Kirkpatrick recommends that students get the flu shot as it has been proven safe and lowers the risk of contraction.

“Even if someone with the vaccine does get the flu, their vaccination will lower the intensity and duration of the sickness period,” Kirkpatrick said.

Getting the flu shot takes around 5-10 minutes. Students first will need to call the Health Center at 906-227-2355 and request a flu shot. Then, students will receive a date and time for their visit and when ready they can head into the Health Center.

Though if a student is feeling unwell or under the weather, Kirkpatrick said that students should first get tested for COVID-19.

“Through this testing process, the Health Center can identify what a patient may or may not have, informing them whether or not they may have the flu virus or something similar instead,” Kirkpatrick said.

For more information on cold and flu safety visit the NMU Health Center’s webpage.