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Donald Trump

Editorial—Impeachment results no surprise, point to dire problems

North Wind Staff February 24, 2021

On Feb. 13, the Senate acquitted Donald Trump in charges of inciting an insurrection in the form of the riot during which the U.S. Capitol was breached on Jan. 6. This result came as no surprise to us;...

Capitol riot

Opinion—How will we look back on the Capitol breach?

Akasha Khalsa February 22, 2021

In twenty years, thirty years, how will we look back at the beginning of 2021? I think the breach of the U.S. Capitol will be one of the most significant moments this year will be remembered for, and...

ballot box

Opinion—How intolerance is pushing me to vote Trump

DeForest Dalbec October 22, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, former Opinion Editor Riley Garland wrote a piece about why he switched his support this election from Donald Trump to Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party candidate. Here’s how...

Donald Trump waving

Opinion—Infected with COVID-19, Trump’s recent comments display his ignorance

Ruby Simoneau October 21, 2020

The only thing more fear-inducing than a global pandemic is an infected president unfazed by the death toll. More than 210,000 American citizens are now dead from COVID-19, which does not come as a surprise...

Think Tank debate: Is Donald Trump racist?

Think Tank debate: Is Donald Trump racist?

DeForest Dalbec and Doug Zvosec February 26, 2020

AFFIRMATIVE by DeForest Dalbec Examining the term “racist” is vitally important. The topic is related to cultural-racism, or xenophobia, and should be examined, but the terms of the debate are...

Reform free speech codes before executive order

Reform free speech codes before executive order

Tim Eggert March 20, 2019

President Trump teased an executive order earlier this month while speaking to activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). During the speech, he mentioned plans to issue an order...

Bible signing disrespectful

Bible signing disrespectful

Jessica Parsons March 13, 2019

A recent tornado whipped its way through Alabama at nearly a mile wide, killing 23 people that included four children and a couple in their 80s, according to an article from AP News. The devastation...

Briefs 10/25/12

NW Staff October 25, 2012

State News Governor Rick Snyder signed new legislation aimed at protecting young athletes from concussions on Tuesday, Oct. 23. The new law requires that all adults involved with youth sports, including...

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