Letter to the editor

NW Staff

This letter is respectfully submitted by the members of Campus Cinema in response to a Feb. 23 column titled “Campus Cinema needs to improve” by Drea Weiner. We are troubled by the baseless accusations of incompetence and the misrepresentation of our responsibilities. We believe a response is necessary to more accurately inform the NMU community of our successes and challenges.

The first falsehood in the article claimed that Campus Cinema advertising has declined. In fact, the opposite is true. This year the movie posters have been generated and posted around campus in a more timely fashion than any of the previous three years. More modes of advertisement have been utilized than ever before as well.

The NMU Master Calendar of events is filled with our movies and student announcements are posted as soon as we know our schedule. The North Wind contains weekly ads for our upcoming movies. We also keep the website and Facebook updated weekly.

The NMU adviser for Campus Cinema, Jon Barch, has even commented that he is “happy to see the improvements this year considering a full organizational leadership transition coupled with difficulties of working within the time constraints created by the movie industry’s post-theater and pre-DVD release dates.”

The only part of our advertising that has decreased is the removal of our large movie poster display case in the Marketplace when it was renovated. This is a decision that we were disappointed with and had no control over. More to come in the following edition of the North Wind.

Meredith Bruischat
Campus Cinema president
sophomore, pre-veterinary major