Brady withdraws from 1st District congressional race



Kelsii Kyto

NMU multimedia journalism professor Dwight Brady is no longer running for Congress in Michigan’s 1st District through the Democratic Party, and announced his withdrawal from the race in a press release Wednesday.

“Over the past several months, key endorsements and financial support in this primary have not tipped in my favor. Considering these events along with a very serious illness in my family, I felt it was best to step away,” Brady said.

Brady grew up in Manistique, and began running because he wanted people to be represented in Congress from someone who grew up in the area, he said. The 1st District covers the entire Upper Peninsula and northern parts of the Lower Peninsula.

“Unfortunately, my deep roots in northern Michigan and a record of service to my community and the state of Michigan were not enough,” Brady said.

Although he is no longer in the running, Brady said he will continue to work on issues surrounding healthcare, the environment and education. He said he looks forward to returning to his family and continuing his work at NMU. He is working on a documentary, and plans to release an original music album about life in Northern Michigan later in the year.