NMU updates homecoming


Kelsii Kyto

As homecoming week continues, NMU unveils new events for both students and alumni to enjoy and to further connect with their university.

New events introduced this week include the Royal Step Fest, which combined the classic step competition with the royal court competition; the Hunt, a city-wide scavenger hunt; and a Food Truck rally, where Marquette’s favorite food trucks come together at Lot 21 on Center Street. Students also ate eat ice cream with President Fritz Erickson on Tuesday.

Homecoming has a multitude of purposes, Chief Marketing Officer Derek Hall said, including engaging the current students with activities that they plan themselves, and engaging the alumni community.

“It’s fun to engage, to try new things, and homecoming is a perfect time to show your Wildcat spirit and wear green, and enjoy the time together,” he said.

The unveiling ceremony of the wildcat statue is also taking place during homecoming on Friday. The event is something that impacts current students, former students and future students, Hall said, and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“We’d love to have as many people come out and experience that as possible,” Hall said.

There’s been a lot of effort going into planning these events, Hall added. Over 400 people showed up for the classic Dead River Games, said Director of the Center for Student Enrichment Rachel Harris.

“This year was over the top fantastic because the weather was perfect. Everyone was in a great mood and having fun,” she said.

Homecoming is a terrific way for students to get involved, Harris said, adding that the community can make memories that will last a lifetime .

“Homecoming activities help build stronger communities in the residence halls and stronger, more tight knit student organizations,” she said. “These experiences allow students to be more connected to campus and develop a sense of belonging, which studies show lead to retention and graduation success. Who knew having fun could be so worthwhile?”