NMU choirs to hold Veterans Day concert


Kelsii Kyto

On Sunday, Nov. 11, servicemen and women from the Jacobetti Home for Veterans are coming on campus for NMU’s University Choir and Arts Chorale’s concert, honoring the brave actions from people of all branches of the U.S. military.

The concert music will stem from different conflicts throughout the United States’ history such as the Revolutionary War, World War I and II, the Civil War and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, said Director of Choirs and assistant professor Erin Colwitz. Songs include the event’s opening with “The Star Spangled Banner,” “In Flanders Fields” by Paul Aitken and “Last Letter Home” by Lee Hoiby.

“We will have student veterans speaking between each musical set from each branch of the military; that is very exciting. Our student choirs have been working really hard on some beautiful pieces,”
Colwitz said.

Along with student speakers and words from President Fritz Erickson, there will be a presentation of a commemorative presidential coin to distinguished student veteran and President of the NMU chapter of the Student Veterans of America Traci Dietz.
The concert is a chance to celebrate all that veterans have given for the community,
Colwitz said.

“Obviously, they have sacrificed a great deal for our country and our way of life. I think it is important to spend time honoring them in the best ways we can; and for us, it is through our music,” Colwitz said.

Giving back to the community—especially the veteran community—has always been important to senior communication studies major Megan O’Connor, who worked with Colwitz to put on the event.

“They gave their life to protect me, I can give a few hours to help them,” O’Connor said. “The majority of my friend group is military affiliated—National Guard, ROTC, active duty Navy, etc.—so I have a soft spot for people who are
serving or have served. Doing this project to benefit the Jacobetti was a no-brainer for me,” O’Connor said.

The choirs would like to have a huge turnout for the veterans, O’Connor added.

“This is a celebration to honor America’s veterans everywhere, for their fearlessness, love of country and willingness to serve. On Veteran’s Day we will take time out of our day to honor and reflect on the sacrifices men and women all over the country have made to keep us safe,” O’Connor said. “Because of them, we have the luxury of practicing basic human rights such as our right of speech, religion and expression.”

The concert is free for the community, but donations to the Jacobetti Home for Veterans are encouraged.