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Faculty protest

Open Letter—Concerned faculty speak out on expired contract

Concerned Faculty August 25, 2021
NMU faculty are the heart of this university. We should be appropriately compensated, included in decision-making processes, and appreciated for the work we do with students and the community.
Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Letters October 18, 2018

For weeks, we saw coverage of Dr. Christine Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. In my political science classes, we’ve had very heated discussion on the topic—even...

Letter to the editor

Letters March 2, 2017

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to Trinity Carey’s column published in the February 23, 2017 issue of the North Wind. Ms. Carey makes an admirable case for following one’s passion, for finding...

Letter to the editor

Letters February 2, 2017

Dear editor, In regards to the editorial published in last week’s edition, as a young American I find myself agreeing with all of the ideas articulated, and I found it was poetic. However, as a...

Letter to the editor: Water safety information appreciated

Letters September 28, 2016

Dear Editor, Recently the North Wind published comprehensive information regarding Marquette’s waterfront safety efforts.  In its first installment, the North Wind ran a full-color, center-spread,...

Letter to the Editor: NMU General Counsel forms response

Letters November 20, 2014

Submitted on behalf of Kurt P. McCamman, General Counsel for NMU On October 30, 2014 The North Wind published an article in which it alleged that “NMU signed a secret Starbucks deal” and a week later,...

Letter to the Editor: Court cases protect student journalists

Letters November 20, 2014

Adviser’s Note: Student writers at The North Wind have received intimidation and pressure not to continue writing stories about the administration. One student was told by a faculty member that if The...

Letters to the Editor – April 21, 2011

Letters April 21, 2011

Photography column last week was misguided As a photography student myself, I was irritated, to say the least, when I read Adelle Whitefoot’s column in the April 14 issue of The North Wind. I understand...

Letters to the Editor – April 14, 2011

Letters April 14, 2011

ASNMU controls too much of election The ASNMU election process is questionable at best.  The election committee is in charge of not only running the election, but also of determining if those running...

Letters to the Editor – February 17, 2011

Letters February 17, 2011

Column leaves out intersex individuals In Robyn Goodman’s Feb. 3 article, “ASNMU researches gender-neutral housing,” Goodman states, “Gender-neutral housing allows students to share a room with...

Letters to the Editor – February 11, 2011

Letters February 10, 2011

Egypt should be looked at from all angles Naturally, as an Egyptian-born whose family of origin lives in Cairo (most of them within minutes from Tahreer Square, the belly button of revolt in Cairo), I...

Letters to the Editor – February 3, 2011

Letters February 3, 2011

Retire/rehire column misinformed I’d like to respond to Alex Belz’s article (in the Jan. 20 issue of the North Wind) regarding the ability of a municipality to rehire one of their own retired employees. Marquette...

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