NMU Time Capsule 2014 Submission Contest

North Wind Staff

Sponsored by: Associated Students of Northern Michigan University

How to apply:

In the comment box below fill out

1) your name

2.) your email

3.) Where it says website put either “staff member” or “student”

4.) Type your story into the comment box.



The Time Capsule will be buried for 50 years

Student and Staff Statements:
A competition will be held where students can submit their “Favorite Memory at Northern.”

 Students may then vote online for their favorite statement. Statements can be submitted September 17th-24th. Please keep submissions under 500 words.

Time Capsule Event:
Date: September 27th at 3 p.m.
Seating: 150 chairs

To be included in the Time Capusle:

  • North Wind Issue from that week
  • Program from New Jamrich Dedication
  • NMU ID Card
  • Printed copy of Current Faculty Members -Picture of New Jamrich and Old Jamrich -Set of Design plans from New Jamrich -Starbucks cup -Cellphone -Copy of Northern Border -Copy of Horizon Issues
  • 10 student statements
  • 10 Faculty Statements
  • Statement from President Erickson
  • Statement from Katie Bultman, North Wind Editor in Chief -Statement from ASNMU Executive Board -List of Student Organizations -Faculty Roster -Map of campus -Student Handbook -Statement from University Historian -Credit Card