Two referendum questions to be featured on ASNMU ballot


Sophie Hillmeyer

Tuition each semester includes a Student Activity Fee that changes from semester to semester depending on the need of different organizations, along with proposed changes on campus. When additional funds are requested, a referendum question is added to the ASNMU election ballot.

This year calls for two referendum questions, ASNMU President Tristan Ruiz, and junior bio-chemistry major said.
The first will be about funding toward The North Wind publication, posing a 50-cent increase per student per semester, Ruiz said.

The North Wind is the independent press on campus and the additional funding would ensure that the publication can function properly with the staffing and supplies they need, Editor in Chief Winter Keefer, a senior multimedia journalism major said.

“[The North Wind] is the watchdog to anything going on and serves as a student voice,” Keefer said.
The second will be a survey question to gain student feedback about adding a Greenfund for sustainability at NMU. This question on the ballot will be for input and will not determine the implication of the additional funds, Ruiz said.

This Greenfund will provide resources for student sustainability projects and initiatives, said EcoRep Olivia Walcott, a junior and environmental science major.

“With a goal of creating a culture of sustainability, this resource will help us all work towards a brighter future,” Walcott said.

Voting will begin on April 2 and close at 5 p.m. on April 4.