See you on the flip side


North Wind Staff

The time snuck up on us. Where did October go? Graduating seniors are completing their last assignments, studying for their last final exam and transitioning into a new chapter in their lives.

Whether they’re graduate students or undergrads, this time is surreal and for some, “senior-itis” has far beyond kicked in.

But this time is just as important for those who have years to go, or a semester to go; their friends are moving on, a long winter break is soon to settle in and a brand new semester of fresh classes will greet us mid-January.

This, right here, is about all of us and our story. No matter the major, the time it took or what we have planned after, where you are right now took effort to get to. 

It’s important to stop and take a moment to look around you and see what you’ve accomplished. Look at the connections you’ve made. Look at the years and years of school you’ve put in to better yourself as not just a student transitioning into society, but a human being. 

Have you ever truly patted yourself on the back, stopped to thank the one’s around you that have made a difference in your life and appreciate the opportunities that have made you who you are today?

Do we really know what life is like outside of school? Are we ready for the opportunities knocking at the door? Are we ready to take the next step? Are we ready?

Well, were you ready for what you just finished? Did you think that you could do it? Did you have times and long nights where you felt you couldn’t? Of course. We all have been there. The only difference is that now we’ve done that.

Goodbye, semester.

Hello, sleep.

Until we meet again, Northern.

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